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  • Position:
  • Research Biologist / Veterinary Pathologist

  • Location:
  • Kolkata

  • Job code:
  • KOL/RB/Vet.P/016/004t

  • Role Description:
  • Eligibility:

    To develop efficacy of Maytenus emarginata in Paracetamol induced toxicity in male Wistar rats and evaluate protective effect of Maytenus emarginata leaves ethanol extracts in Paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity.
    Specific roles will include the following:

    • Pathological techniques, histopathology, hematology and toxico – pathology.
    • Laboratory animals handling, Lab animal experimentation (according to OECD and OPPTS guidelines) and Lab animal Necropsy.
    • Large Animal and Small Animal Pathology, and Necropsy. To study the body weight gain and feed consumption in the experimental rats.
    • To note the gross and histopathological alteration in experimental rats.

    Job Requirements:

    M. V. Sc. Pathology


    Histopathological and gross pathological Examination, Necropsy

    Animal House

    Quarantine, Veterinary care and management of lab animals
    Good communication skills.
    Should be a high energy individual, organized and self-driven.

  • Position:
  • Research Chemist/Senior Research Chemist

  • Location:
  • Kolkata

  • Job code:
  • KOL/RC/SRC/016/004

  • Role Description:
  • Eligibility:

    • At least 2-6 years relevant experience.
    • Good analytical mind to interpret data arising from synthesis lab and utilization of the same to generate a robust process.
    • Should be able to work closely with EHS department for development of systems and procedures in the facility.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Should be a high energy individual, organized and self-driven.


    To develop designing synthetic pathways for target structure in laboratory and basic idea about PRD and scale-up setting, ensuring delivery in accordance with project timescales and deadlines.
    Specific roles will include the following:

    • Experience in handling projects of custom synthesis in pharmaceutical services where deadline matters.
    • Familiar with the common lab techniques such as handling dry reactions, purification techniques occurred during synthesis.
    • Expertise in planning the synthesis and literature & journals search where ever necessary.
    • Handled various chemicals & reagents.
    • Handled various Oxidizing and Reducing reagents.
    • Operational knowledge in Qualitative, Quantitative analysis & Synthetic mixtures in HPLC,GC,GCMS,KF Titrate, MR, PH Meter.
  • Position:
  • Senior Research Scientist/Team Lead

  • Location:
  • Kolkata

  • Job code:

  • Role Description:
  • The candidate should have thorough knowledge of ADME field including hands on exposures to perform and troubleshoot difficulties in assays like Physicochemical study (Solubility, LogD), Permeability (PAMPA, Caco-2, MDCK-MDR1), Metabolism clearance mechanism (Microsomes, hepatocytes) and Drug-drug interaction (CYP Induction/CYP inhibition) for both small molecules and peptides.
    Knowledge of Bioanalysis (LC-MS) and data analysis including rodent pharmacokinetics (PK).
    Excellent communication skill. Ability to lead a team of DMPK scientists. Candidate will serve as POC for clients.

  • Position:
  • PhD in cancer biology (essential)/ MSc/MS (cell biology/immunology preferable, etc).

  • Location:
  • Kolkata

  • Job code:
  • BIO/ONC/01

  • Role Description:
  • 5+ years of working experience (preferably in industry) in oncology domain post PhD

    Core area of expertise:

    · Wide knowledge and proficiency across different disciplines of Oncology and Immunooncology.

    · Expertise in developing and validating complex in vivo models like Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) and Immunooncology models

    · Proficiency in patient tumor characterization and creating repository of study-ready tumor fragments as well as primary cancer cell lines.

    · Experience in developing and using ex-vivo assays such as co-culture or 3D/organoid assays

    · Experience across multiple platforms like ELISA, Western blot, qPCR, Flow cytometry, Histology, Immunohistochemistry to analyze PD biomarker endpoints in tumors and tissues.

    · Knowledge of established biomarkers in different cancer areas.

    Additional areas of expertise:

    · Broad understanding of cellular and molecular pharmacology concepts within the cancer biology and/or immunology field.

    · Experience in validating and implementing standard in vivo models such as orthotopic xenograft models, and metastatic models of cancer including dose-finding tolerability studies, PK/PD studies and efficacy studies.

    · Hands on experience with primary cell culture, T cell based assays, and molecular biology techniques such as retroviral/lentiviral based transduction systems, T cell clone generation

    · Skilled in immuno-phenotyping of cells from various matrices

    Key responsibilities:

    · Set up a platform equipped with proper infrastructure to carry out oncology research services with complex models like PDX, Immunooncology, humanized mice etc.

    · Create a repository of characterized patient tumor fragments and primary cancer cell lines.

    · Develop a team with proper training and lead the team to work collaboratively across disciplines to ensure development as well as full characterization of