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Recruitment Career

When you join, you will be introduced to the company, its processes and procedures and you’ll be personally guided along the way. Even when you are in the process of applying you will be helped through the process by our representative.

Freshers: M.Sc-Chemistry (Preferably Organic)

Campus and Direct – Do you aspire to be part of an innovative scientific group?
We can help you to do that well with our employee friendly policies and great working environment. You will find it perfect stepping into a professional career right after your college.

Newly Experienced – PhD and Post Doc

With learning the basics of science & its applications and you would be ready to apply your knowledge to a more productive project that can shape the drug discovery. Here at TCGLS we invite talented and pro-active chemists and biologists who are eager to engage in drug discovery and development research.

Seasoned Professional

We believe in creating opportunities for individuals with proven track record in the fields of Chemistry, Preclinical Discovery and Platform Technologies.