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Analytical Chemistry

Spectroscopic CapabilitiesStructure elucidation of small molecules by Spectroscopic techniques and fluorine and silicon NMR capability. (Using 1D, 2D NMR experiments and MS/MS experiments)

Chromatographic CapabilitiesPurity estimation of NCE’s by Reverse and Normal phase Chromatography, Determination of enantiomeric excess using variety of chiral column.

Purification CapabilitiesHigh Throughput Purification and isolation of compounds (chiral and non chiral) in mg to g scale, for Parallel Medicinal chemistry libraries and singleton compounds.

GLP Capabilities GLP analytical lab to conduct Method development and validation as per ICH and OECD guidelines and to support Kilo-lab activity for final release of GMP material. Capable of doing short term and long term stability studies of APIs and Intermediates.

Impurity Profiling CapabilitiesIsolation and characterization of unknown impurities from APIs and Formulations utilizing the strong skills in preparative isolation and structure elucidation.