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    Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

    We are committed to protecting the environment and the health of our employees by taking a systematic approach to managing Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) issues. We continuously develop and monitor Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which assist our employees to identify priority areas and put in place appropriate systems to minimize the risks to the people, the environment and the business.

    Safety, Health and Environment Policy

    We honour prime importance to Safety and Health with due admiration to our Environment within the facility premises and its operational impact on the outside surroundings. To achieve the best possible safe operating procedures and conditions; we strictly adhere to our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) policy.

    Following are the fundamentals of our SHE Policy:
    • TCGLS respects the rules of the land in matter of Safety, Health and Environment, and would abide by all the regulatory requirements necessary to ensure safety.
    • TCGLS will instructs time to time safety training programs in order to keep its employees conversant with the hazard handling methods. These hazard handling methods include Chemical reactions, running machineries, installation of heavy equipments, working at height and routine maintenance work of electrical equipments. TCGLS will follow an aptly updated Onsite Emergency Plan to avoid any major disaster.
    • TCGLS will motivate its people to follow the safety protocols as Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), as per their applicability/ appropriateness to a particular work.
    • TCGLS believes that Standardization is the base of ensuring safety, every operation and procedure would be laid down in documents called “standard Operating Procedure” (SOP). TCGLS will modernize these SOP’s accordingly, under the authorization of concerned authority.
    • TCGLS will ensure timely audits for Safety and environment to guarantee their compatibility with the surroundings.
    • TCGLS will put its best efforts to avoid any mishappening; in spite of this if any accident arises, it would be reviewed prudently and remedial measures would be recommended.
    • TCGLS will make sure all the necessary Helpline facilities to emergency, like First Aid Boxes, Fire Fighting Equipments and Facilities, Emergency Transport; shall remain in proper order and shape 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.