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    May 12, 2021

    Molecules to Medicines Webinar: The drug development engine accelerating “Molecules to Medicines”.

    In this webinar, Dr. Joseph D. Armstrong, III, COO of TCG GreenChem, Inc. (NJ & VA, USA) addresses how molecules can be accelerated from lead optimization into Phase I clinical trials by leveraging his and his colleagues’, Dr. Chris Senanayake, CEO of TCG GreenChem, Inc., Dr. Robert Wenslow (Co-Founder and VP of Business Development USA/EU of Crystal Pharmatech) and Dr. Yongqiang Li (Co-Founder and CEO of Candoo Pharmatech), decades long experience in expediting molecules through the drug development pipeline.

    He describes how utilizing novel technology of Process Research & Development, ( i.e., high throughput experimentation (HTE), catalysis and continuous flow chemistry) with a “First Time Right” strategy, can greatly shorten the time needed to design, development and manufacture the preclinical candidate with the appropriate form, purity and formulation for the enabling toxicity studies and “First in Human” study. This holistic approach in bringing these activities (Process Research, Solid State Characterization, and Formulation Development) together seamlessly, is what allows The Drug Development Engine to “Accelerate Molecules to Medicines”.