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    Bangalore, India - Feb 02, 2009

    TCG Lifesciences strengthens its relationship with Pfizer

    India’s TCG Lifesciences, a research services and informatics company has extended its master services agreement with Pfizer.

    TCG Lifesciences is said to have been a preferred research service provider to Pfizer primarily in the field of discovery chemistry and would now also be providing integrated research services, through its one box model. This will be covering areas like synthesis of monomer and templates, medicinal chemistry, parallel medicinal chemistry to enhance Pfizer’s drug discovery pipeline and shorten development timelines.

    “A high-quality and flexible working model is critical to Pfizer’s research. Through, our strong relationships with leading Asian CROs, such as TCG Lifesciences, we are able to tap into their scientific talent pool to further the success of our research programs,” said Mr Rick Connell, Vice President, Head of External Research Solutions, Pfizer.

    Mr Swapan Bhattacharya, Managing Director, TCG Lifesciences, said, “We are excited at the prospect of supporting Pfizer across the drug discovery and development value chain in an integrated manner. This development is of great importance for us as it signifies our competences in providing innovation based integrated research services from early stage discovery to kilo scale production of first in man material”.