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    Kolkata, India - May 09, 2006

    Chembiotek testing cancer product – Trials likely to be over in five years

    Chembiotek Research International Pvt Limited, a subsidiary of the Chatterjee Group Life Sciences (TCGLS), is currently conducting clinical tests of a cancer-related molecule and is hoping to achieve a breakthrough within the next five years.

    “The research is now in the critical phase-one stage. Normally, clinical trials run for five to 10 years, but cancer trials tend to be shorter,” head of TCGLS Swapan Bhattacharya told newsmen at the TCGLS’ Salt Lake facilities here.

    Chembiotek is one of the Indian organisations working together with the US National Institutes of Health on a $26 million grant.

    Earlier, during a presentation before Under Secretary for International Affairs at the US Treasury Department Timothy Adams, the TCGLS head said with the average cost of drug development presently standing at around $1 billion, a huge venture gap existed in the sector.

    TCGLS has signed product patent agreements with a number of companies to offset the gap.

    The company, which mainly provided customised biotech solutions, now served 40 clients worldwide, including some leading pharmaceutical companies, Bhattacharya said, adding TCGLS planned to increase its strength of professionals to 1,000 by the year-end from the present 500.

    During the current financial, TCGLS plans to add pre- clinical and animal toxicology service capabilities and is on the verge of establishing end-to-end capabilities across the drug development value chain.

    “So, TCGLS is working towards comprehensive, integrated programmes with leading pharmaceutical companies through the Risk-Reward-Sharing and Bot Models,” he said.