As Candidate

Code of Conduct Career

We believe in being fair and transparent in our business operations. Human rights, corporate ethics, diverse cultures, morals, ethics and legal systems of our global partners are held with due respect.

  • Conduct the company’s business with honesty and integrity and in a professional manner that protects the company’s good public image and reputation.
  • Build relationships with customers, vendors and fellow employees based on trust and treat every individual with respect and dignity in the conduct of company business.
  • Become familiar with and comply with legal requirements and company policy and procedures.
  • Avoid any activities that could involve or lead to involvement in any unlawful practice or any harm to the company’s reputation or image.
  • Avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest with the company, or the appearance thereof, in all transactions.
  • Provide accurate information in records submitted, safeguard the company’s confidential information, and respect the confidential information of other parties with whom the company does business or competes.