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Employee Engagement Career

We believe in harboring a vibrant knowledge-driven environment which enables us to attract, standardize, grow and retain talent and create multi-dimensional teams. The culture of innovation prevails through knowledge sharing across the organization.


  • Mentorship program
  • Soft skills training
  • Management development program
  • Communication training
  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) training
  • IP management principles

One of our key resource capability development programs is House of Training, where we train and groom newly hired post graduates to make them capable in line with the client’s delivery requirement.

The mentorship program under House of Training is an initiative towards specifically grooming potential bench chemists in developing their business, personal and interpersonal competencies by partnering them with an established and successful scientist as mentor. This in-house training module (with duration of six months) was designed and is imparted in both practical and theoretical modes.

Our employee engagement model is participative in nature and aims at systematic sustainable development of our employees through the process of group ideation, participation and reward mechanism. We strive to provide a vibrant environment that looks beyond work and engages employees to boost their productivity.