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    Fraud Alert

    Fraud Alert Fraud Alert

    If you suspect a fraud in job offers on TCG Lifesciences Private Limited’s (TCGLS’) behalf, please review the following information on alerts (or scams).

    • We never ask for any money from applicants at any point in our recruitment process. Every hiring at our place has to go through a formal hiring process.
    • If you receive job opportunity offers from any party falsely representing to hire you on TCGLS’ behalf, they would ask for the transmit sums of money and other personal information.
    • In our recruitment process every hiring originate from a authenticated TCGLS/Chembiotek email address and not from any email service providers’ account such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.
    • We will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage incurred as a result of dealing with any false entity.
    • Anyone with doubts about the authenticity of an e-mail, letter or telephone communication purportedly from, for, or on behalf of the TCGLS, is requested to send an e-mail through