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Custom Synthesis Chemistry

We routinely do custom synthesis of scaffolds, building blocks, special reagents, ligands for our clients. Typical scale varies from mg to kilos. We have experience in synthesizing diverse classes of compounds including optically active ones.

Special tools include

  • Photo Reaction
  • Resin Based Purification
  • Carbonylation
  • Ozonolysis
  1. Chiral Separation in gm scale using SFC.
  2. Timely delivery in predefined quality.
  3. Online access to project information through secured server.
  4. Final product/intermediates well characterized using our state-of-the-science analytical facility (NMR (350 MHz), HPLC, or LC-MS).
  5. Flexible synthetic scale from milligrams to kilogram.
  6. We put our major focus on cheap, environmentally benign and readily available starting materials, reagents and catalysts.
  7. We supply written reports in the preferred format needed by the client for each compounds which includes protocol and data set.