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    Latest Additions

    Real time expression profiling: mRNA (qPCR); Protein (Highthroughput WB)
    Surface Plasma Resonance (SPR) Platform for assessment of target binding affinities
    Inhibitor’s Screening of Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI)
    GPCR sensitization-desensitization assay
    Anti Bacterial screens
    Anti Malarial screens
    Anti Candida screens

    Molecular Pharmacology Preclinical Discovery

    Cellular and Molecular Biology

    The TCGLS molecular pharmacology team comes with close to 20 years of experience in developing innovative assays and screening methods to evaluate the effects of chemical compounds on cellular, molecular and biochemical processes. The screens, further help to unravel cellular functions/biological processes, leading to the successful identification of preclinical candidates across multiple therapeutic areas

    Expertise includes:

    • Molecular cloning, SDM, lab-scale protein expression and affinity based purification
    • Cell line development services catering to development and validation of a wide range of assays as  per varied project needs in line with assay requirements (validation and optimization included)
    • Diverse range of cell-free and cell-based in vitro assays (primary, secondary and tertiary) developed, optimized and validated in multiple therapeutic areas
    • Primary cell-based specialized assays across therapeutic areas
    • Adopting screening assays from bench scale assays to automation in 96 and 384 plate formats
    • Tech transfer assays effectively implemented
    • Quick turnaround of data from primary and/ secondary assays to support SAR

    Therapeutic Areas

    • Cardiovascular & metabolic disorders
    • Inflammation and pain
    • CNS
    • Oncology
    • Anti-infectives (anti-bacterial , anti-fungal & anti-malaria)
    • Pre-biotic screening for effecting gut bacteria)


    • GPCRs
    • Ion channels
    • Enzymes
    • NHRs and transcription factor
    • Transporters
    • Epigenetic targets 

    List of state of the art equipment>>

    Platforms & Assay Technologies

    • Alphascreen
    • Beta arrestin
    • cAMP
    • ELISA (Classical/HTRF)
    • Enzyme assays: fluorescence & radio-isotope labeled
    • Fluorescence polarization
    • GTPgamma binding
    • HTRF and TR-FRET
    • Intracellular calcium mobilization
    • LCMS based Assay
    • Mechanistic Characterization: competitive, non-competitive & allosteric
    • Radioligand binding (SPA & filtration)
    • Thallium flux
    • Ultraluminescence
    • Voltage-sensitive dye Assays
    • Voltage sensor probe-based FRET Assay
    • Thermal Shift Assay
    • High throughput Protein degradation Assay ( WES)
    • Target engagement Assay: Pulldown
    • Expression profiling mRNA (qPCR) protein
    • Surface Plasmon Resonance(SPR) Platform for assessment of target binding affinities
    • Inhibitor’s Screening of Protein – Protein interaction (PPI)
    • GPCR Sensitization – Desensitization Assay
    • Anti-bacterial Screens
    • Anti- Candida Screens
    • Anti-Malarial Screens