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    Process Research and Development Chemistry

    We thoroughly follow every step while searching for lead molecules and their properties. Our expertise lies in the development of process related parameters such as route scouting, process optimization, product isolation, product purification and scale up.

    We provide the following services:

    • Custom Synthesis
    • Asymmetric Synthesis
    • Process Development
    • Scale-up and cGMP

    Asymmetric Synthesis
    Chiral synthesis

    • Asymmetric synthesis of novel molecules with the highest degree of multi center chirality.
    • Asymmetric epoxidation, asymmetric dihydroxylation, stereoselective reduction, chirality induction.
    • Prudent choice of either chemical or enzymatic transformations.
    • Chiral pool synthesis in milligram to multi gram scale.
    • Chiral purity checking by optical rotation as well as chiral HPLC/ GC.

    Development of highly efficient and cost effective catalysts using transition metals as core element is under progress in collaboration with a client.

    Process Development
    Our expertise lies in synthesizing chemical entities of any structural complexity, including new ones.

    • We put our major thrust on R&D for the new synthetic methodology.
    • A facility equipped with low temperature circulators, vacuum evaporators, lyophilizer, and standard Schlenk lines for handling air/moister sensitive samples.
    • Parr hydrogenator, and Autoclave for hydrogenation and special type reactions.
    • Ability to perform all the reactions under one roof.
    • Carbonylation facility.
    • Ozonizer.

    Scale-up and cGMP
    We have a well-established kilo laboratory for the synthesis of compounds in multi grams to kilograms level. During kilo synthesis we always look for the cost effectiveness.

    • Process optimization at different batch sizes of major emphasis.
    • International standard walk-in-hoods.
    • Kilo lab with capacity up to 160 L reactors with distillation facility. Other reactors include one 50L and several 20L all glass reactors. Other facilities include chromatographic columns (up to 12 inch diameter) and high capacity (20L) rotavapors from Buchi, Switzerland.
    • In process-control.
    • Reaction calorimetry using Metler’s RC1.
    • cGMP laboratory (class 100,000) with 50 L all glass reactor and facility to carry out small scale synthesis of high potency molecules.