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    Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Platform Technologies

    We provide solid phase peptide synthesis to customers from the biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. We maintain high quality standards and technical expertise.


    • Unique route design
    • Dedicated team of chemists in peptides & peptidomimetics synthesis
    • Experienced in both solid & solution phase
    • Synthesis of unnatural amino acid used in peptides
    • Use of various PGs like t-Bu, Fmoc, tBoc, trityl etc.
    • 2-10 mg delivery of end product with >90% purity
    • Delivery in gm quantity on specific request
    • Expertise in cyclic peptides using tether / spacer, olefin metathesis, RA etc.
    • Synthesis of various tethers / linkers
    • End products purified by prep HPLC
    • Characterization by NMR, LC-MS etc.
    • Estimation of counter ion, peptide content by specific detectors


    • Various resins used to attach amino acids
    • Resin loader used for filling 96 Minikans in single shot
    • MiniKans with RFID tag used for solid phase library synthesis
    • IRORI technology used for library
    • Argonaut technology used for solid phase sigleton peptides
    • Fritted cartridges used for singleton solid phase
    • Micro-reactor carrier used for filtration of resins
    • Solid phase cartridges used for neutral end products
    • Reverse phase prep HPLC used for purification
    • Genevac used for evaporation of solvents
    • End products supplied as solid powder using lyophiliser
    • In-house software used for weighing / dilution

    Track Records

    • Prepared 50-mer linear peptides in solid phase for an European company
    • We synthesized tri, tetra, penta, hepta peptides in either solid or solution phase
    • Prepared a number of macrocyclic peptides for a US Pharmaceutical company

    Use of Small Peptide Macrocycles


    • Low mol wt with respect to large peptides
    • Cross blood brain barrier
    • Choice of tethers regulate size of macrocycles
    • Can behave like small molecule drug
    • Design of stapled peptides
    • High cell penetration
    • Opportunity on target space


    • Antimicrobial
    • Antiviral
    • Oncology
    • Dermatology
    • Gynecology
    • Obesity and Diabetics
    • Cadiovascular
    • Diagnostic kit

    Synthesis of Nucleoside Derivatives

    Our team has extensive experience in synthesis of Nucleoside Derivatives. We provide quality products with fast turnaround time and competitive price.

    Synthesis of cyclic dinucleotides

    • Synthesis of cyclic dinucleotides- Cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs) activate STING, leading to a potent type I IFN response. STING has been widely imputed in infectious diseases, cancer, and autoimmunity. Accordingly, it is attracting increasing attention as a potential immunotherapy target. Synthetic STING agonists that exhibit favorable drug like properties are currently being developed as adjuvant, antitumor agent, and other immunotherapy agent
    • Synthesis of Nucleoside phosphoramidites and phosphorothioamidite-Nucleoside phosphoramidites are used as the building blocks in syntheses of oligonucleotides
    • Synthesis of Nucleoside derivatives- Nucleosides and their derivatives have found applications in biotechnology, biology and medicine. Nucleoside analogues, for example, have delivered many life saving drugs for the treatment of cancers and viral infections
    • Synthesis of Nucleoside 3′-O-Oxazaphospholidine Monomers- 3′-O-(1,3,2-oxazaphospholidine)derivatives are stereoselectively synthesized from enantiopure 1,2-amino alcohols and these monomers are useful to synthesize stereodefined PS-internucleotide linkages