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    In Vivo Pharmacology Preclinical Discovery

    TCG Lifesciences’ in vivo services provide validated platforms for regular screening as well as in-depth studies in the therapeutic areas of pain, inflammation and CNS with a proven track record of supporting successful collaborations globally for the past 12 years. The development of platforms for oncology and anti-bacterial screens are in progress. The in vivo team comprised of experts in pharmacology and veterinary sciences provide complete support from study design to final data analysis and reporting. The team also offers the flexibility of using available platforms for developing customized models efficiently to support the preclinical discovery program. The team of in vivo scientists works in concert with in vitro and bioanalytical teams to support more complex studies like PK/PD correlation along with biomarker analysis to maximize the value of obtained research data.

    The state-of-the-art rodent facility of TCGLS is registered with CPCSEA, Govt. of India and governed by Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC). The entire facility is equipped with Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC) system for holding and breeding of rats and mice. Blanket import license is also in place for procurement of specific strains from international sources as per project requirement. The existing facility is recently expanded further with additional 10,000 sq ft of AAALAC facility for capacity enhancement in the area of in vivo studies

    Efficacy Model Portfolio

    Neuropathic pain

    • Spinal Nerve Ligation (Chung’s model)
    • Spared Nerve Injury (Woolf’s model)
    • Chronic Constriction Injury (Bennett’s model)
    • Partial Sciatic Nerve Ligation (Selzter’s model)
    • Tibial Nerve Transection
    • Diabetic neuropathy
    • Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy

    Inflammatory pain

    • Ultraviolet Radiation-induced Hyperalgesia
    • Freund’s Adjuvant induced Hyperalgesia
    • Formalin induced Pain
    • Carrageenan induced Hyperalgesia
    • MIA/MMT-induced OA
    • Post Operative Pain (Pain, Brennan’s Model)

    Visceral pain

    • Acetic Acid induced Writhing

    Mechanical & Thermal Nociception

    • Rat Pinch Model
    • Tail Flick

    Acute inflammation

    • Carrageenan induced Paw Edema
    • Carrageenan induced Air Pouch Inflammation
    • LPS induced Endotoxemia
    • LPS induced Lung Inflammation
    • Delayed Type Hypersensitivity

    Chronic inflammation

    • Collagen induced Arthritis
    • DSS induced Colitis
    • BDL induced Liver Fibrosis
    • BDL induced Liver Cirrhosis
    • CCl4 induced Liver Fibrosis


    • Platform development under progress for CDx and PDx models


    • Contextual Fear Conditioning (CFC) test
    • Novel Object Recognition Test (NORT)
    • Forced Swim Test
    • Synaptic Plasticity changes(Field Potential recording in Hippocampal slices)
    • Novelty Suppressed Feeding Test
    • Marble Buying Test

    Other Models

    • Streptozotocin-induced T1 Diabetes
    • Locomotor Activity test
    • Motor Liability test in rat with Rotarod

    Early Tox

    • Platform development under progress for LD-50, MTD, DRF Studies

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