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    Medicinal Chemistry Preclinical Discovery

    Medicinal Chemistry services at TCGLS offer specific solutions to integrated discovery projects across multiple therapeutic areas. Our team of experienced medicinal chemists, working closely with in- vitro pharmacologists, DMPK and in vivo pharmacologists and computational chemists have proven track record: to advance challenging discovery programs by emulating project goals/timelines through valuable decision making from Hit generation to preclinical candidate selection in multiple integrated projects

    Designing of new molecular entities having preferred physicochemical properties either for novel target/s or a fast-follower program, are primarily done following:

    • Structure-guided drug design
    • Ligand-based approach, more specifically pharmacophore-based approach

    Moreover, in silico screening of a commercially available library database (over 2 million) is also carried out to identify potential Hit molecules.

    To answer key structure-activity relationship (SAR) and structure-property relationship (SPR) questions, synthesis of molecules are carried out either in singleton or library mode focusing on productivity and cycle time management with real-time problem solving with the help of state of the art infrastructure, compound management facility and scientific databases in support with smooth and hassle-free procurement and logistics.