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    Custom Synthesis Chemistry

    With over 19 years of industry experience and with an extremely client-centric approach, TCGLS strives to provide its clients cost-effective, timeline driven, innovative solutions with problem-solving capabilities. We are also extremely flexible towards the changing environments of our clients. 

    We boast of having a rich-in-knowledge scientific pool coming from the top universities of the country, as well as from countries like Europe, the US, and Japan. We have a very high Ph.D. ratio at both bench level, as well as in managerial positions. Our scientists are well versed in common International language, which makes transparent and proactive communication with the clients a seamless process. We also have a very strong internal communication process in place. Further, backed by cutting edge, state-of-the-art analytical and preparative infrastructure, the repertoire of TCGLS is multifold. Continuous improvement through training for developing technical, communication, safety-related skills has always been an innate culture of TCGLS.

    With an in-house inventory of over 30,000 commercial chemicals, building blocks and monomers, the cycle time of delivery of final compounds is greatly enhanced.

    Key Capabilities

    Custom Synthesis:

    • Reference Compound Synthesis
    • Synthesis of scaffolds, building blocks for Medicinal Chemistry and Parallel Synthesis

     Diverse Organic Synthesis:

    • Aliphatic, alicyclic, aromatic
    • Heteroaromatic
    • Macrocycles – Speciality in building blocks for library synthesis
    • Peptide Synthesis – Solid and Solution Phase, IRORI technology


    Specialized Reactions:

    • Ozonolysis
    • Carbonylation