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Medicinal Chemistry Preclinical Discovery

Our team of experienced medicinal chemists has a proven track record in running integrated discovery programs starting from ’hit generation’ to ‘identifying preclinical candidates’. The team works in close collaboration with In Vitro pharmacologists, DMPK and In Vivo pharmacologists, and computational chemists. The programs have three main stages:

  • Hit generation and hit validation
  • Lead generation
  • Lead optimization

Designing of compounds for Novel targets or Fast-followers program are done following different approaches:

  • Ligand based approach, more specific pharmacophore based approach is commonly done.
  • Also in silico screening approach of commercially available library database (over 2 M compounds) are done followed by purchase and In Vitro screening of a subset for hit finding.

In case of fast-followers programs our medicinal chemists have been instrumental by proposing novel new molecular entities (NME) and also tool compounds to take the program forward in stringent time frame.

For synthesis, in house parallel synthesis expertise are used majorly to build focused libraries to answer key Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) and Structure Property Relationship (SPR) questions.

Syntheses in singleton mode are also run in parallel.

We have successfully completed projects from ‘early hit to preclinical development stage’ by developing a number of lead candidates with required biological properties for our clients within the specified time frame and maintaining highest standards of data quality.